Sparkly Planes The Band took off in September 2016. Formed by musicians enthusiastically ROCK-addicted, the Band proposes sparkly and elaborated Music. One year has passed after the birth of the Band and The Sparkly Planes won their first Contest: the 3rd Voltabarock Contest in Padova in September 2017. In January 2018 they publish their first video: ”Land of Fire” It has been shot in Padova in the summer of 2017 and that takes inspiration from a southern Italy’s problem: garbage rogues and, more generally, environmental problems related to pollution. Starting from the 6th of July 2018 our first EP "GET READY FOR TAKE OFF" is online on the best e-stores (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, Dezeer...) On November 23, 2019 WE WERE FINALISTS in Rome for the TOUR MUSIC FEST - the European music competition dedicated to emerging singers, bands, rappers, DJs and musicians.